What The Witcher Author Sapkowski Thinks about the Video Games

The polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski is well known for his collection of short stories and novels The Witcher, which has been translated over more than twenty languages till now. Sapkowski is also well known for giving his views on the video games developed by CD Projekt Red and has a history of relations with the developer CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt Red has purchased the rights to present the novels and stories written by Sapkowski  The Witcher in the form of adaptations of video games.

The Author Sapkowski often shares his views and opinions on the video games developed by CD Projekt Red. This time also the renowned author is very much vocal about the series of video games The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 series is one of the best role-playing games developed by CD Projekt Red and has touched the new heights of popularity over the years. There was a long dispute between Sapkowski and the developer CD Projekt Red over the licensing issues. The author was very much disappointed and had once said that the developer CD Projekt had taken some part of the scenes from his original book and that too without making him aware of that.

Source:- What The Witcher Author Sapkowski Thinks about the Video Games

This dispute led to the signing of new agreements between Sapkowski and the developer CD Projekt Red in which it was decided that the developer will retain all the rights of video games, board games and graphic novels based on The Witcher and instead of that the company agreed to gave him royalty to his satisfaction.

Further, the developer CD Projekt Red made it clear that they will never make The Witcher 4, but it didn't mean that they don't have the option to present this incredible story to the people in some other way. CD Projekt further made it clear that they have the right to publish the material in many different forms as they have purchased the intellectual rights of The Witcher.

The developer company was happy that the deal is finally going to make them both content, and the officials said that the book written by Andrzej Sapkowski is very much admired and also serves as excellent inspiration for the developing team of CD Projekt. They are happy that the deal signed between the company and Sapkowski will finally start a new era of the right relationship and led to make the further collaborations more strong between the two parties.


What Sapkowski thought?

In some of the interviews given by the renowned author, it looked he is not much satisfied with the video game adaptation of his book. Once he said, he didn't think that video games could be the best adaptation of the novels and books but also marks that these adaptations have helped the characters of the stories to reach many more people. He agreed that even the video game adaptations had increased the interest of the people in the original book, which finally has increased the sale of the original novel and stories. However, Sapkowski also mentioned that his books had played a significant role in making the developer CD Projekt Red worldwide famous by publishing the story in the form of the part playing games.

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